All firearms must be unloaded, trigger-locked and no ammo included!

Handguns or any other Restricted class firearms require special attention:
     For legal transport in Canada, all Restricted class firearms require an ‘Authorization to Transport’, or “ATT”. If you don’t already have a Long Term ATT or  Standard Conditions on your PAL for  these Restricted firearms, from your  home to the Post Office, you will need to obtain a Short Term ATT by contacting the  Canada Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000.  
A valid Registration Certificate must accompany each Restricted firearm (see Shipment Form).
Prohibited handguns require our explicit pre-approval before they can be shipped to us.
Shipping Address is:
      Ducks Unlimited Canada / Collector Concierge International. Care of: Borderview Imports Ltd.
     PO Box 99900 YF 070 647
     STN Aldergrove
     Aldergrove, BC V4W 0B5

Note: this is a CanadaPost FlexDelivery PO Box for Borderview enter exactly as above!

  • Ducks Unlimited Canada Firearm Donation & SHIPMENT FORM

  • (Include one fully completed, legible copy with each parcel being shipped)
  • Canada Post receiver pays mailing labels can be printed at (costs deducted from sales proceeds)
  • Firearms License & Registration Information:
  • Firearm(s) and Shipment Information:
  • Review & Certification: please review and initial each of the following statements to confirm they are true:
  • any firearm(s) in this parcel are unloaded;
  • any firearm(s) in this parcel have been locked using a secure locking device; and
  • boxes are well-packed and meet size and weight requirements described in step 2 above
  • Date

Note: After submission of the above form, you will be redirected to the print page. Print your filled out form to include in shipping package.