Within the DUC / Morphy Auctions firearm fund raising program Collector Concierge International has partnered with Borderview International to provide the ability in ac-cepting mail in firearm donations. This component of the program has been designed to accept donations of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of net sales benefiting DUC. There is also the ability for donors to print pre paid postage labels through Canada Post, (Actual shipping cost applied to costs of sales for each donation) Collector Concierge International will then act in DUC`s best financial interests sell-ing donated firearms at various Canadian auction houses or if being exported to the USA market through Morphy Auctions.

Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by these instructions – they’re simply meant as a guide to help you properly prepare, pack and ship your item(s) to Borderview. Please do read through it carefully to be sure you’re shipping everything properly and legally. Thank you!

1. Prepare your items & paperwork for shipment:

  1. Ensure that all firearms are unloaded. If you are unsure how to do this safely, contact someone who does know how and ask for their assistance before you attempt.
  2. Attach a secure locking device to each firearm, and lock the firearm(s) in a sturdy, non-transparent container (per CanadaPost requirements for shipping firearms).
  3. If you don’t already have them, gun locks are readily available through your local gun shop or other retailer. A basic plastic gun case available from your local sporting goods store should suffice for the ‘sturdy, non-transparent container’ requirement.
  4. Complete and include the Shipment Form on the bottom ship in / donation page.
  5. The gun(s) must be coming from someone legally allowed to possess them. This short form requires information to this end; contact us if you have questions or are in an estate situation.
  6. The Form also includes a section regarding options for the Keys or Codes for any locks used.
  7. Ammunition cannot be sent by CanadaPost; if you’re importing ammo, we’ll give instructions.
  8. Handguns or any other Restricted class firearms require special attention:
  9. For legal transport in Canada, all Restricted class firearms require an ‘Authorization to Transport’, or “ATT”. If you don’t already have a Long Term ATT or Standard Conditions on your PAL for these Restricted firearms, from your home to the Post Office, you will need to obtain a Short Term ATT by contacting the Canada Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000.
  10. A valid Registration Certificate must accompany each Restricted firearm (see Shipment Form).
  11. Prohibited handguns require our explicit pre-approval before they can be shipped to us.
2. Pack your shipment like a pro:
  1. Pack your item(s) into a box (or more than one box if needed), using plenty of packing materials such as air bubbles or newspaper. All sides of the item(s) should be well-protected in the box.
  2. Each box should weigh no more than 30kg, and no one dimension may exceed 2 meters, while the maximum length plus girth shall not exceed 3 meters.
  3. Tip: a good place to find long narrow boxes suitable for rifles or shotguns is from your local gun shop, or a golf shop that sells golf club sets. Many storage facilities, moving companies, and office supply stores also sell various sized boxes and packing supplies.
  4. To meet legal requirements, there should be nothing visible on the outside of the box to indicate it contains a firearm(s).

3. Create, print & attach your CanadaPost shipping label:
Create your own Per Paid Canada Post shipping label online at bit.ly/DUDONATE or ship by visiting your local Post Office.
Shipping Address is:
Ducks Unlimited Canada / Collector Concierge International. Care of: Borderview Imports Ltd.
PO Box 99900 YF 070 647
STN Aldergrove
Aldergrove, BC V4W 0B5
Note: this is a CanadaPost FlexDelivery PO Box for Borderview, enter exactly as above.- It is important that you send the Tracking Number to Borderview as soon as it is available.*Note: because Borderviews BC office is staffed on a limited basis, in many cases the package will be held at our local Post Office with a delivery card left for us – don’t be alarmed if you get an email saying it wasn’t delivered for this reason – we’ll pick up the package.

4.Drop off the box(es) at a CanadaPost outlet:

  1. As a final step, be sure a Shipment Form completed and included with each box being sent;
  2. CanadaPost label is printed and secured to the outside of the box in a readable fashion.
  3. You may also be able to hand the parcel(s) directly to a CanadaPost mail carrier in your neighborhood, or pay a fee when printing your label to schedule an On-Demand Pickup.
  4. These instructions and mail in form are also available online at www.borderview.com/DUDONATE